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Detail of a hand-sewn, Pandora doll's court gown. Embroidered silk, pearls & lace.

The collecting of antique portraiture grants ‘peerage grandeur to any home’, noted the Wall Street Journal in a 2018 article. My love affair with portraiture lies, in fact, at the root of all my work, be it fine art or fine craft. Your own love of vintage and antique portraits will find a unique home at A Thread of History, be it through my large-scale works, my art cushions, my “Jewel Books’’, or via my original take on the fine art of doll-making.

Derived from 17th and 18th century ‘Pandoras’, these hand-sewn and sculpted Art Dolls seek to revive a little-known history, that of the Pandora dolls used to display, far and wide, the latest Parisian fashions. Aiming to disseminate French ideas of luxury, these costly figurines came to symbolize a unique kind of sophistication. I pay tribute to this history by recreating these dolls as ambassadors of age-old tradition and timeless savoir-faire, while also allowing them to voice contemporary trends and ideas. I aim in particular to highlight the link between fine arts and fine crafts, between the devotion to fine handcrafted work and the restoring of spiritual and ecological balance.

Come reconnect to a lost history and help preserve our handcrafted heritage by inviting one of my authentic heirlooms into your home. Be it through the Pandora Doll or another one of my portrait-based works, your love and respect for the patina gracing these pieces will connect you to a select spiritual community, that which art lovers share with the towering figures who wrote, painted and crafted the history of art we know today. Your knowledgeable nurturing of the past will assuredly rewild the spirit.