In the course of writing my book, A Bloody Song: How Anime and Literature Collide, I came across the following quote by Satish Kumar: “Only art, which means making by hand, can cure the problems of humanity… By restoring aesthetics, we restore ecological balance.” These words had a powerful impact on me, and they echo the thought of American psychologist James Hillman: “The ecological crisis is a crisis of aesthetics”. These authors argue for restoring the lost link between arts and crafts, between the work of the mind and of the hand, if we are ever to bridge the gulf between man and nature.

 My artistic process draws much inspiration from this philosophy. Whether it is reproducing a work by a 17th century court painter in a French château or creating “art dolls” from antique textiles, my work seeks to explore the interface between arts crafts. Throughout my process, the historical motif, or idea, is always central: it anchors the composition, evoking fertile connections between art and history. Also central to my work if the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which is an age-old aesthetic based on the idea that the beauty of things is rooted in their evanescence,their ephemeral nature. 

 Thus, rather then simply striving to be “chic", the “shabby" quality of my work reflects the gentle, melancholy beauty of man and nature, and a corresponding sense of intimacy with the past. It is my hope that you will experience these pieces with an open mind and perhaps envision the unique character they might add to one of your design projects, be it classic or contemporary. Merci beaucoup!